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  Name : John Robertson
Web Site :
Country : Au
How you found us : Internet
Comments : JUST to let you all know Kimmi from Denise Worthington's breeding ,is Well and almost 16 years old. She is a beautiful lady a little hard of heating but loved by every one who meets here.Kimmi is still with it.Now we have moved to flatter ground near the sea there are lots of walks and cuddles from all.
Date : 6-May-22

Web Site :
Country : Wielka Brytania
How you found us : google
Comments : Well done! Greetings from Uk !
Date : 5-Feb-21

  Name : Kath Anderson
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google
Comments : Hi Im looking to adaopt a male Border as our new family member I live solo with my 3yo FM std poodle I work part time & have 20yrs experience in pet industry Would love a calm, happy chap as our companion We live in Ballarat, Victoria ph 0417031097
Date : 30-Jun-20

  Name : Silpot
Web Site :
Country : Poland
How you found us : Google
Comments : Greetings from Europe!
Date : 6-Aug-19

  Name : Val Weldon
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google search
Comments : We fostered a (very) pregnant young English Staffy, caring for her whilst she had & reared her pups. Imagine our surprise when they became hairier by the day! After much research, the vet confirmed that dad must have been a Border Terrier, a breed I had never heard of. One of the litter is my own wonderful little chap, Scout, who is "body by Staffy, everything else by Border", so I like to look for more information on the breed (BTW, all of the pups have excellent homes, and all have been neutered, as is the policy of the rescue group involved).
Date : 27-Jun-18

  Name : Pattison
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Was once a member.
Comments : Checking to see next fun day.
Date : 14-Nov-17

  Name : Jamie, Kate, Abigail and William
Web Site :
Country : VIC, Australia
How you found us : Just looking for breeders
Comments : We moved over to Australia from the UK and brought our Border Terrier Mack (3) with us. He has settled in fine, he loves the warmer climate and the beaches. Owning Mack has enriched our lives, he is a great little character, very hardy and loves to play... Not an aggressive bone in his body.
Date : 17-Jul-15

  Name : Iona and George
Web Site :
Country : New Zealand
How you found us : Internet
Comments : Relocated to Australia from NZ at the beginning of the year and we brought our border terrier (Minx) with us
Date : 18-Apr-15

  Name : Sue
Web Site :
Country : Victoria
How you found us : internet
Comments : Moved here from the UK 2 years and bought our Border Terrier with us
Date : 7-Feb-15

  Name : John Robertson
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Denise Worthington
Comments : Thanks Denise my Kimmi and I are mates and she is a great girl. What a wonderful breed no problems and quiet temperament. Thank You Denise
Date : 20-Jan-14

  Name : Alex Murray
Web Site :
Country : Scotland
How you found us : Google
Comments : As the first time owner of a border terrier, the information on your website is of great help to a beginner.
Date : 17-Jan-14

  Name : Jason
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Dogzonine
Comments : Have you thought about adding a blog with stories etc about the breed?
Date : 9-Jun-13

  Name : Amanda
Web Site :
Country : Australia, Vic
How you found us : Google
Comments : We have decided after spending much time looking into a family pet, that we would like to add to our family a border terrier. We thought this would be the best place to start. If you have any advice or know of any breeder planning on puppies we would love to hear from you. We are a family of 4, children aged 10 and 12, I am a stay at home mum so have plenty of time for the puppy. We are a very energic family that like the outdoors. This is a breed that I have always like but never experienced are looking forward to.
Date : 13-Apr-12

  Name : pamela pullman
Web Site :
Country : australia
How you found us : magazine
Comments : thinking of getting a border terrier but do not know a lot about the breed. we are presently dogless and working out which breed is best for us
Date : 28-Jan-12

  Name : joy and ron meijer
Web Site : http://[email protected]
Country : victoria
How you found us : google
Comments : hi everyone,we have a boarder terrier and is 10year old love her,she has a real attitude.would love to join and how ro go about it.regards joy and ron
Date : 29-Dec-11

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