2018 Committee Members                          

President : Clare Stainsby   

Vice President: Sue Mewse

Secretary: RoseLee Bover 

Treasurer: Maree Van Eggelen

Puppy Officer: Sue Mewse  [email protected] 

General Committee: Michelle Lanera, Julie Merryfull , Julie Bolton,  John Van Eggelen, Celeste Meier and Sharon Bover


              Past Presidents and Secretaries

2008/09/10/11/12/13/14   Dr Clare Stainsby        Ms Denise Worthington

2005/06/07        Mr Alan Boardman      Ms Denise Worthington

2004                 Mr Alan Boardman      Mrs Chris Clinton

2003                 Mrs Elizabeth Bodsworth    Ms Rachel Greaves

2000/01/02        Mr Alan Boardman         Ms Rachel Greaves

1996/97/98/99    Mr Paul Aburrow            Ms Rachel Greaves

1995                 Mr Ashley Dempster       Mrs Joyce Caldwell

1994                 Mr Paul Aburrow            Mrs Joyce Caldwell

1993  Affiliated with Vic Canine Association and name changed to The Border Terrier Club of Victoria

                        Mr John Caldwell            Ms Jenny Porter

1988/89/90/91/92   Mr John Caldwell        Ms Jenny Porter

1987  inaugural meeting of the Border Terrier Social Club of Victoria    

                        Mr John Caldwell           Ms Jenny Porter




Contact Details

Julie Bolton
Keilor, VIC, Australia
Email : [email protected]